Students from the Horseshoe Farm afterschool program learning at the community clubhouse.


Started in 2007 as a small after school homework help program, the Horseshoe Farm youth program has grown to become a model of innovation in education and enrichment in our state. Working in close partnership with principals and teachers from local schools, the Horseshoe Farm youth programs involve Horseshoe Farm Fellows and other community volunteers to provide daily tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs to approximately 70 – 80 children in Greensboro schools.  Programs focus on math, reading, and enrichment activities and aim to help improve academic performance, promote character development, and foster career/college preparedness.

Early results from the programs have been very promising. Year to year, more than 70% of children in the Horseshoe Farm elementary school programs have improved at least one quartile on the math portion of the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT).  In addition, more than 20% of students in the Horseshoe Farm elementary school programs have achieved between 1-2 years of gains in their Gates-MacGinitie reading levels in a single semester.

In our continued pursuit of ways to help students build on their academic success, in 2013 we incorporated Khan Academy into the Horseshoe Farm math programs.  The tool has helped to achieve even greater customization to each child’s academic needs and to improve tracking of children’s progress.  In 2014, we launched a pioneering reading program that pairs Horseshoe Farm students one-on-one via video linkage with some of the highest achieving college and university students throughout our state.

All of these efforts are geared towards partnering with teachers and schools and partners throughout our state to expand educational opportunity and help children reach their maximum potential.

If you would like to volunteer or would like to enroll your child in Horseshoe Farm’s youth programs, please call 334-624-7455.


A Horseshoe Farm student working one-on-one with a remote tutor from Auburn University.