Project Horseshoe Farm is largely driven by Horseshoe Farm Fellows and community volunteers, and community volunteers are welcomed, appreciated, and put to good use. We currently welcome volunteers for the following positions:

After school program volunteer – Work with children in an after school tutoring, mentoring, and activities program. Seeking people who are dependable, committed, and good with children. Background check required.

Housing program – Provide companionship and friendship to, organize activities for, join meals with, provide support to, or provide other help to women in Horseshoe Farm housing program. Seeking people who are dependable, responsible, warm-hearted, and good with people. Background check upon request.

Community Clubhouse – Help to provide companionship and lead or help with activities for elderly or mentally disabled adults. Help with after school tutoring, mentoring, or activities programs for children.

Please call 334-624-7455 or email hsf.fellows@gmail.com if interested in volunteering or if you would like to be involved with the organization in other ways.

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