Working closely with the community of Greensboro, Alabama, Project Horseshoe Farm was founded on the idea that we must come together as communities around our strengths to meet the needs of our children, seniors, and adults with mental illness.

We believe that grassroot organizations led by community based service leaders are important to providing leadership, structure, and support to help communities more effectively come together to support our vulnerable members. We believe that by working together and sharing responsibility for helping the vulnerable among us, we can create stronger communities and better places to live. Finally, we believe that growing needs and rapid changes in healthcare and education call for new approaches to and a resolved focus on developing and preparing needed community based service leaders for tomorrow’s communities.

Project Horseshoe Farm will continue to strive to work with our community to pursue our organization’s three part mission of Service, Community, and Leadership Development:

Service – To initiate, develop, and carry out social entrepreneurial, service leadership driven, and relationship focused community based programs that improve the quality of life of vulnerable residents of Hale County and the Black Belt Region;

Community, Citizenship, and Engagement – To engage and work with our community to help reinforce and build upon its strengths and values. Through our service programs, to provide added opportunities and support to members of our community interested in providing help and service to its vulnerable members, and

Leadership Development and Education – To expose promising prospective community based service leaders, especially those interested in medicine, healthcare, and education, to ideas, skills, and experiences that will help prepare them to become more discerning and effective leaders for tomorrow’s communities.

We invite you to join the following partners in helping Project Horseshoe Farm continue to build towards the community based approaches to healthcare and education that can only be achieved together.

  • The Alabama Civil Justice Foundation
  • The Alabama Power Foundation
  • AT&T
  • Auburn University Rural Studio
  • Babson Capital Management
  • The Black Belt Community Foundation
  • Camp McDowell (Episcopal Diocese of Alabama)
  • The Church of Christ
  • The Church of Latter Day Saints, Greensboro
  • The Community Foundation of West Alabama
  • Credit Suisse Foundation
  • The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
  • The First Presbyterian Church
  • The First United Methodist Church of Greensboro
  • The Greensboro Baptist Church
  • Greensboro Elementary School
  • Greensboro Middle School
  • HERO
  • The Honda Foundation
  • The Hunter Lewis Foundation
  • The John C. Webb, III and Marie Suttle Webb Foundation
  • Marion Bank and Trust Company
  • The Mike and Gillian Goodrich Foundation
  • The Newbern Union Sunday School, Newbern
  • The Protective Life Foundation
  • The Salem Baptist Church of Greensboro
  • Sanjay and Dora Singh
  • Southern Academy Student Government Association
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greensboro
  • The Theodore Cross Family Charitable Foundation
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, Demopolis
  • The United Way of West Alabama
  • The University of Alabama Community Development Law Clinic
  • The University of Alabama College of Education
  • The University of Alabama Honors and New College
  • The UAB School of Medicine
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • The Women of the Presbyterian Church, Greensboro


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