The service arm of Project Horseshoe Farm has a very strong social entrepreneurial bent and spirit. The relationship focused service and support programs aim to improve the quality of life of seniors, adults living with mental illness, and at-risk children in our community.

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Horseshoe Farm Community Clubhouse before and after completion

Community Clubhouse
Located in the former Western Auto Building on Main Street, the Community Clubhouse serves as the hub of Project Horseshoe Farm’s adult programs and its outreach activities.

During the day, the Clubhouse provides a safe and welcoming place with programs and activities for elderly and mentally disabled members of our community. Clubhouse members, including women living in the Horseshoe Farm enhanced independent living housing program enjoy day programs, lunches, games, volunteer work opportunities, or just stopping by to visit. Project Horseshoe Farm also provides outreach support to vulnerable community members who could benefit from home visits,  transportation, a delivered home cooked meal, or other support as needed. The Clubhouse programs are intended to help overcome the significant isolation and lack of purpose and meaning that often faces elderly and mentally disabled members of our community. They also are intended to help support successful community living, avoid unnecessary hospital stays, and provide a place where community members can come together to support one another in helping these members of our community.

Enhanced Independent Living Housing Program
A beautifully restored Victorian Farmhouse on a portion of the Project Horseshoe Farm campus is devoted to an enhanced independent living housing program for women 50 years old and older who are diagnosed with a mental disorder. The program seeks to improve the quality of life of residents, to help residents achieve their goals, and when possible to help residents transition to independent living. It does this by providing a stable living environment, support and companionship of Horseshoe Farm Fellows, community volunteers, and other residents, and support in becoming meaningfully involved in the local community.

Youth Programs
Started in 2007 and working in close partnership with principals and teachers from local schools, the Horseshoe Farm youth programs involve Horseshoe Farm Fellows and other community volunteers to provide tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs to approximately 70-80 children each week. The programs are rapidly expanding and becoming an innovative model for partnering with schools to expand educational opportunity and to help children reach their maximum potential.