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Our Values

We believe that service to others, including service in healthcare and education, can take many forms including the highly specialized and highly technical, but that often the most important forms of [imageframe style=”border” bordercolor=”#DBDBDB” bordersize=”10px” stylecolor=”#DBDBDB” align=”right”]

[/imageframe]service, especially in the case of service to the most vulnerable among us, are acts of humanity and generosity grounded in personal relationships and genuine compassion. We believe that leadership and structures that support and provide opportunities for this sort of service play an important role in strengthening communities.

We believe that the capacity for leadership, the creative impulse, and the social entrepreneurial spirit in individuals with a demonstrated record of excellence in direct service to others are among the most valuable resources in healthcare and education systems and in our communities. We believe that these characteristics, when nurtured, developed, supported, and acted upon provide an important counterbalance to other forces shaping healthcare and education and shaping our communities.