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Citizenship, Community, Healthcare, and Education

We believe that in order to better meet the growing needs in medicine, healthcare, and education in our communities, we must become more community focused, develop greater community leadership orientation of our service professionals, and increase involvement of all citizens in this work.

In medicine and healthcare over the last 50 years, we have experienced tremendous changes driven by remarkable technological advancements and expanded government and private funding streams. These forces have contributed to shifting medicine and healthcare from a small and deeply personal community based enterprise to a large national and international industrial complex. Though it is impossible to ignore the tremendous benefits achieved by the growth and expanded capacity of the health care enterprise, it is also difficult not to see that the enterprise has become increasingly disconnected from the community based processes that make up and strengthen local communities.

In primary and secondary education, many schools have been asked to shoulder ever increasing responsibilities for children’s education, behavior, health, and wellbeing, straining their capacity to meet the needs of any of their students. Schools, teachers, and students need the constructive involvement, support, and partnership of the community, its citizens, and groups of dedicated community based service leaders to help children reach their maximum potential.

By focusing intently on working with our community, supporting community volunteers and community involvement, and drawing upon local strengths and values, Project Horseshoe Farm seeks to support and build upon processes that we believe contribute to strengthening our community and meeting the needs of our vulnerable members. Such grassroots community based processes are underutilized models among professionals in medicine, healthcare, and education that have the potential to complement and inform other approaches being pursued to improve healthcare and education systems.

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Community barbecue at Horseshoe Farm