Living in Greensboro

Homecoming Parade on Main Street.

Fellows live together on a portion of the 70 acre Horseshoe Farm campus which is located approximately 3 miles south of Greensboro, Alabama. Greensboro is a small rural southern town located in west central Alabama. The town has a deep, complex, and rich history that continues to shape community life today and Fellows are encouraged to invest in learning about life in the South, in Alabama, and in a rural community.

Fellow housing designed by Auburn University Rural Studio graduate Mark Wise.

Fellows live together in houses designed with simple living in mind by an Auburn University Rural Studio graduate. Fellows will have the opportunity to experience the challenges and joys of living simply, without television, or internet (though internet is available at multiple sites including the Horseshoe Farm Community Clubhouse, the public technology center, and the public library in Greensboro).Because of the limited access to shopping malls, movie theaters, and the like, community life tends to focus on other activities, and Fellows will have plenty of opportunities to get to know and engage with other members of the community. The town is home to many wonderful and interesting people and getting to know people is the only way to really discover the heart and soul of the community.

Horseshoe Farm Fellow Nick Herzik with beloved Greensboro resident Bill Walthall

For many people, Church is a main center and an important part of community life and Churches and various other organizations in town host frequent gatherings and social events throughout the year. Agriculture, and specifically catfish farming is the single biggest industry. The beautiful surrounding nature of the area provides many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.

Greensboro is the home of the internationally recognized Rural Studio Architecture program of Auburn University. Each year, the Rural Studio houses approximately 35 undergraduate and graduate students in or near Greensboro, and these students work on a wide range of design/build projects in the community. The Rural Studio has frequent activities and events, and students get together regularly for basketball, ultimate Frisbee, film festivals, lectures, and other activities. Since 2009, several projects in Greensboro including HERO, Pie Lab, and Teach for America have drawn increasing numbers of young adults to the community. The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa is 45 minutes away by car, and Tuscaloosa has all of the amenities of a medium sized city.

An example of a Rural Studio “20K House”