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Admission Overview

The application deadline is February 10th for the Fellowship class that will begin in June of the same year. After an initial review process of each application, qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an initial interview with members of our selection committee. After these interviews, a final group of applicants will be invited to schedule a 30 minute interview with Dr. Dorsey. The selection committee will then discuss each application and notify each applicant (typically by mid to late March) whether s/he will be offered a position in the Fellowship class. If you are offered a position in the Fellowship class, to be fair to others, you will have 3 days to decide whether to commit to the position.
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**Because we are a very small organization and the selection process so time intensive, it is critical that selected Fellows who accept positions for the Fellowship understand that they are making a commitment to participate in the Fellowship and be prepared to honor their commitments. If you are selected and you know of or anticipate any reason that you might not be able honor your commitment to participate in the Fellowship, it is critical that you communicate this at the time you decide to accept the position.

If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to contact our current Fellows at