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Project Horseshoe Farm offers a broad range of Scholarly Activity opportunities for UAB medical students. Scholarly Activity opportunities at Horseshoe Farm include:

The Scholarship of Integration
Through service in Horseshoe Farm”s programs for seniors, adults with mental illness, and at-risk children that explicitly focus on integrating behavioral, psychological, community, and social interventions into individual care, students should gain a deeper appreciation for the value of humanity in service, the important psychological and social factors that contribute to health and quality of life among vulnerable people, and how these factors can be more effectively integrated into care.

The Scholarship of Application
Ideally, theory and research should help shape and inform actual practice which in turn should help inform and shape theory, research, and policy. Horseshoe Farm provides a rich opportunity to examine and experience significant areas of current theory put into practice in a community setting.

On a theoretical level, much has been written about community based approaches to care, community partnerships in medicine, team approaches to care, care of populations, biopsychosocial models of care, mental health in rural communities, and new models for caring for an aging population. Furthermore, much has been written about new approaches to medical education, the need to prepare and recruit service leaders for underserved communities, and the need to develop social entrepreneurial and grassroots efforts in medicine and healthcare. Finally, in the current policy environment, ongoing studies have examined and proposed approaches to balance quality, cost, and access in healthcare.

On many of these fronts, Horseshoe Farm is trying to provide leadership in translating theory into practice. Horseshoe Farm provides students fertile grounds for exploring and experiencing the benefits and challenges faced in the two way process between theory and practice.

The Scholarship of Teaching
The teaching and leadership development component of Horseshoe Farm is designed to give opportunities for the mutually beneficial relationship of students at different stages of their education. Medical students will have the opportunity to hone their teaching and mentorship skills by working closely with “Horseshoe Farm Fellows” who are top recent college graduates completing a one year/gap-year service and leadership development program at Horseshoe Farm.

The Scholarship of Discovery
Horseshoe Farm will be working closely with researchers who will be examining the effectiveness of Horseshoe Farm”s service programs as well as its leadership development and education programs. Students pursuing the scholarly activity will have the opportunity to participate in these studies and have the potential to be contributing authors in publications stemming from their contribution to individual projects or ongoing longitudinal research.

The Horseshoe Farm Scholarly Activity opportunity will be available between September and May of each academic year. There are a limited number of spots in each block through the year. Please call 334-624-7455 or email for more information.