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Horseshoe Farm offers elective rotations for medical students, residents, and allied health students who are interested in biopsychosocial approaches to care, community health, and community service leadership.

During the elective, students will have a range of valuable options for clinical, community, service, and leadership experiences. They will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Dorsey and his colleagues in adult and geriatric psychiatry settings including inpatient, partial hospital, intensive outpatient, and outpatient settings. These settings and experiences will give students the opportunity to learn about mental health diagnosis and treatment, community mental health programs, substance abuse treatment, and correctional psychiatry. Students will also have the opportunity to provide clinical services and direct service work in Horseshoe Farm’s service programs for vulnerable adults and at risk children . Finally, students will have the opportunity to rotate with local primary care physicians and other healthcare providers and learn about rural clinical practice and systems of care.

Because students’ clinical experiences will be occurring within rapidly developing community health and mental health programs and a growing non-profit organization, they will have the opportunity to learn about leadership at multiple levels within a community and within the healthcare system. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about and become engaged in multiple ways in our wonderful community while learning about rural health and the link between community involvement and service.

At the end of the rotation, students should have a greater understanding of how clinical practice and community based work can be blended to improve health outcomes, improve quality of life, and strengthen local communities. They should also gain a deeper understanding of community health programs, public and population health, social entrepreneurship, management and leadership of non-profit organizations, novel approaches to care for the elderly, biopsychosocial models of care, team approaches to care, programs for at-risk children, rural healthcare, and service to vulnerable populations.

Elective rotations are available in one month blocks from September through May each year. Though not required, students and residents are encouraged to consider scheduling at least two consecutive one month blocks in order to gain the most from their experiences in the community and at Horseshoe Farm. Comfortable shared housing in Greensboro is available to students and residents. Please call 334-624-7455 or email fellows@projecthsf.org to inquire about available spots and scheduling.

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